Do This Workout EVERY SINGLE Day! -Calisthenicmovement

1) Passive to active hang – 30 to 60 seconds – straight arms, never bent, hold each for about 5 seconds

Passive –
Open shoulders
Straight spine
Engaged Quads
Engaged Abs

Active –
Engaged hamstrings
Engaged glutes
Arched back
Depressed shoulder blades

2) Jefferson Curl – 60 to 120 seconds – stand straight, bend neck, chin to chest, and bend everything down until touching toes/ground. Hold for 5 seconds and reverse. Don’t bend knees, but don’t lock out – bend them to 99%. Keep tension in leg muscles.
3) Deep squat and reach – 30 to 60 seconds – deep squat position. One arm on the ground and press it into the inside of your thigh. Rotate your body to the opposite side, and raise arm, thumb points back.

4) Easy bridge – 30 to 60 seconds
Engaged back
Engaged glutes
Engaged hamstrings
Stretches chest, delts and biceps

Arms straight and raise your chest as much as possible

30 seconds rest in between each number, 60 seconds rest at end up a round, 2 or 3 rounds