10 Best Mobility | Flexibility Drills (PRE-WORKOUT) ATHLEAN-X

  1. inchworms x 10
  2. 90/90 stretch (like an S stretch) – lean out over front knee and twist, hook elbow, 5 seconds, x 5 each side
  3. Rolling crucifix – face down, arms up like a Y, roll to a side but leave one leg. 5 each side
  4. Table twists, 5x each side. One arm down, glute bridge, one arm reaches.
  5. 3 way lunge – 5x each side – first in front and reach up and back toward planted leg.  Then out 45 degrees, still reaching back toward leg, then out to the side and reach back toward leg
  6. Hamstring pulse.  10 each side
  7. Hamstring reaches – one leg out straight in front of you.  Arms up, lean forward and reach – like you are pushing someone.  5 x each leg
  8. Can opener – 10 each side – this is just rotating and swinging everything. turns into a “throw” pantomime – back arm up and out, then forward and to the hip (the throw) and the other arm just goes more cross body as same height
  9. Dead shoulder hang circles – 10 each side
  10. Ankle breakers

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