How to Cure Your Shoulder (Tendonitis, Bursitis, Impingement)


20 reps of each, x 2…  all that 2x per day
Back flies A – resistance band anchored.  arms down, palms face you.  Pull from a tiny bit in front of waistline to farther back than trunk/shoulders.  Palms keep facing same way
Back flies B – resistance band anchored.  arms out, straight to shoulders.  begin out in front of chest, pull farten than trunk shoulders.  palms face away at the end.  Like a water skier to a jesus pose.
Band Pulls
Palms up, arms bent like half way through a curl.  hold band in both hands, pull from hand bottoms touching to pull apart, however far you can.  hold for a second and repeat
locked out straight arm press – option 1, weights.  option 2, pushup from arms on raised surface – arms locked.  shoulder blades try to touch each other in the back, then reverse and press out.  Option 3, same as 2 but hands on floor (instead of table, etc)
30 seconds each x 4 x however many times a day (2, 3, 4 times a day)
chest stretch – arm in an L, elbow out to the side and sholder height, hand up from there, palm forward “like an indian saying HOW”  Place entire forearm on wall, rotate body away to stretch chest.
cross arm stretch – reach out across body.  other hand presses into elbow to pull arm more across.  Lifts up and pulls arm across
shoulder stretch – Lay on side, lift arm up perpendicular to the ground.  place other hand on wrist.  slowly rotate it toward the ground
He does – 1 round stretching, 1 round stength, 1 round stretching, 1 round stength, 2 rounds stretching