Half guard bottom knee shield, two gi sweeps from Rich

You begin on your right hip, your right leg under the opponent, your left leg pressing the knee into their chest.  From this spot, many people on top (myself included) will squeeze the knees to try to limit mobility.  Rich shows that you begin by grabbing the pants at the inside of their left knee with your right hand, and pressing the knees open a bit.  He says at this point, people think you’re just doing nothing – trying to alleviate the pressure from the opponent’s knee squeeze.  That’s your right arm.  Your left arm will be playing by their collar or neck – grabbing lapel or framing to keep them back.  Once you’re ready to go, though, your left hand grabs their left hand sleeve at the wrist.  You pull the knee with your right hand, you press hard into them with your left knee.  You’re basically just pushing them off base, but their only defense is to base out with the left hand (which you have.)

They’ll fall back and you can come up with them into half guard top.

Variation – if they base back into you hard, you rainbow their left arm out and around and to your left hip / their right side shoulder area.  At the same time, you do a back roll.  Rather than backwards with no left hand to base (original move) it is now forward with no left hand to base.  You go over them and again land in half guard top.

Shaolin variation – from the variation, if they get their left hand down and stop their own movement, you can throw your right leg over and get their back:

Ross explains Dustin Hazelett basic armbar details

Ross had a private with Dustin and one thing he brought back and mentioned was tweaks to the simple armbar from the guard.

Beginning closed guard, dig your right hand cross collar, take their right sleeve with your left hand.  You pull the right arm across by pulling archer style and angling to your right.  You shrimp a tiny bit to allow your left foot on their hip.  That helps you pull and helps you angle.

Your right leg goes HIGH and bites down TIGHT across their back.  This was the biggest tweak Dustin made to Ross’s armbar.  Basically, they should be able to stand up, and your right leg should be so tight and so strong that them standing up just pulls you up with them.  The left leg is tight foot-to-hip, of course, but it is also squeezing in knee-to-shoulder/back of arm.  The tightness comes from all these things.

Finally – the left leg must go over their face.  Just like Butcher taught us, the leg does not swing out and around at all.  Dustin says you “shave” them – the left leg goes from behind their head STRAIGHT in and it will pop on its own to in front of their face.

This method leaves no room for escape.