Stutzman shows a lasso sweep

You begin in closed guard. You hold each sleeve, same side. Professor showed a hybrid grip between pistol and regular. Fingers go inside the sleeve folded up, like normal, but then the hands are rotated upward like a pistol and the thumbs clamp down to remove all slack. It is basically best of both worlds between traditional and pistol grip.

Drop your left foot to the floor and use it to shrimp out and place your right foot on the hip. Square back up and loop your left over their right arm and under for the basic lasso position. Submissions from this setup will have the leg loose. The knee high/more floating and the foot more on the arm, gripping. This looser version will allow more mobility – it keeps you separate from their body. In this case, with a sweep, the same lasso is deep/connected. The knee is deep into the shoulder and the foot is deep, closer to their hip. In this setup, their whole body is tied to the movement of your leg/knee.

Right foot comes off the hip and goes across in the seatbelt position. Feet are together like they are praying. At the same time, you need to be scooted in enough that the right knee stays tight/past their hip. They cannot have a path past that knee. The right hand leaves the sleeve grip and goes to as low as possible on the pant leg.

You pressure into the lasso side by straightening the body out and posting on your right shoulder. You have to commit to this pressure, make them defend by pressuring back into you.

Once they do you compress your body again, pull them in and on top of you, push the right pant leg high, open your left leg and take them off at a diagonal – left and up, over top of your left shoulder.

When you come up, you keep the grip with your left hand and hip in for a bicep slicer. Or you kick that away and settle into a good side control.

Stutzman shows omo plata from lasso

You begin in closed guard. You hold each sleeve. You drop your left foot to the floor and use it to shrimp out and put your right foot on their hip. Square back up and lasso their right arm with your left leg.

Press hard into their left hip and pull their right arm. This opens a gap under their right arm.

Move the right foot off their hip and place it on the floor about in line with directly under their elbow. You let go of your grip with your right hand, and that arm compresses tight to your body, elbow in, helping you get into position to invert. You press down with the right foot and it allows you to push up on your shoulders. Your hips need to get high here. Once you’re inverted, you pressure down with your legs into a omo plata and roll out.

Professor Jon actually changed grips during his roll – he begins inverting with the left hand on their right sleeve. When he comes up, he has it with the right hand, allowing his left hand over the back to the far armpit.

Professor Jorge complained about the switch, and Professor Jon said you could go two on one before the inversion. Professor Jorge didn’t like this either. He wanted an inversion holding with the left, come up holding with the left, then adjust to right on right, left hand over the back.

Never figure four your legs in this one. You invert and then your feet go flat to the mat – uncrossed. No crossing at any time.

Once you’re in the omo plata position, your far foot (right) can move backwards, away, to give you one more point to base on to bring the hips forward.

Stutzman shows knee in triangle from double sleeve hold

You begin in closed guard holding both sleeves, drop left foot to shrimp out, right foot on hip. When you square back up, your right knee goes in between the two arms. Your left knee goes outside their right arm. You keep both sleeves tight as you turn on your right hip. This allows the right knee to sneak under the left arm. The left knee goes down into the crook of their right arm’s elbow. You pull the right arm tight in while pushing away with the left knee. You release the grip and complete pushing their right arm out of the way with that knee. The knee pushes that arm away while you pull in their left arm and switch to left hip down. Your left leg slides up (no space to side of the neck/behind the neck. Your right leg (now the high leg) locks up the triangle.