Stutzman shows basic armlock from mount

From mount, you open their lapel on their right side with your left hand. You dig your right hand, palm up, high up under the collar. Your right arm collapses over their chest, your head goes to the mat on your right side and your hips slide up your left side to base and scoop their right arm. You switch your hips to S mount (or technical mount) and sit heavy on their sternum. With your left arm you wrap their arm at the hand and grab your own lapel. You lean again toward sternum to remove weight from your left leg, place the left leg over their face and sit back and extend hips for the armlock.


Stutzman shows a half guard pendulum sweep

You begin in half guard with your right leg under and your left leg on top. You have your left arm under-hooked.

You take the lapel tail with your right hand and feed it through to your left behind their back. You rock back, open your legs, bring their weight on top of you, reach under to outside their right knee with your right hand, then rock back to your left. You’ve taken away the post of their right knee and your momentum will get you top position.

Stutzman shows a tip sweep

You begin in closed guard. With you left hand you hold your opponents right sleeve. You shrimp out on your right hip, bring your left knee in and up to their shoulder. Left foot plants on their right hip. Your right foot goes in between their legs and digs out their right heel. With your right hand, you grab their heel.

Now this position doesn’t feel very threatening to the guy on top – but you’ve taken both his posts on his right side. You simply need to pressure into him with your left knee, pull his sleeve with your left hand, and pull his right heel with your right hand, and he will fall back and to his right side.

You come up with him and you keep the sleeve and the heel. You even lift and pull the heel behind you to secure your position. You will land in a loose half guard and you can drop your left hip and let go of the right heel and kick your right leg out to pass.

Cameron shows a defeat the spider guard drill

Opponent lies on his back, gets both sleeves, you hold both pant legs. He pushes one foot up into your bicep. This is the starting position.

If he’s pushing into your left bicep, you step around behind with your right leg and cup his right hip… at the same time you hop and bring your left leg around his leg.

With his leg hugged at both sides by your legs, you can posture up and clear the bicep hook.

Cameron shows traditional leg drag

Cameron shows traditional leg drag

You stand in your opponent’s open guard. Knee is in and toes are turned out – this prevents the opponent from getting a good de la riva hook – keeps it out. Their other foot it on your hip. Cross grip with hand. Same side hand goes under the heel. Hip in and hands guide foot across the hip. Keep grip and put it in your back pocket. Hand that was the cross grip moves into an almost kimura like position in order to keep it. Knee goes down.

From this position the pass has basically already happened.

Stutzman shows modified x guard sweep

You begin in open guard. You have both sleeves, your right foot on the hip, your left foot behind the knee. You pull both sleeves and scoot underneath. The opponent will drop his weight to his butt, or he’ll get superman swept.

When he puts his weight back, you sit up to a shin-across sit-up guard. Their right sleeve goes from your left to 2 on 1 to just the right. Your left arm wraps their right leg. Your left foot is butted up, in front of their right foot and shin to shin as well. The point of this contact is that any movement of their leg, you can follow and elevate. You wrap your left arm deeper and you feed the belt to it.

Now they will attempt to drive their weight forward, to get their knee down on the outside. You keep it wrapped tight and control the hips and lay back and place the right hook at their knee. The left shin will kick out past their shin, and then you place the hook where their left leg meets their hip, under. This is modified x position. If your right hook was closer to the left, and if their right knee/leg was above your shoulder rather than below, it would be a traditional x guard.

If you can take away any of their base points (such as a posted hand) you can get an easy sweep. If they keep everything away from you, you will pressure into them with mostly the left hook, plant your back hand (not elbow) to the ground, drop your right hook to the ground then do a technical get up, and them dump them like a “take out the trash” sweep.